Aug 252011

St. Peter’s Ruby Red Ale

This is a two can 3kg kit which is made under licence by muntons. The St. peters ruby red ale kit emulates the ale which can be bought in your local supermarket. The blurb states”  a tawny red ale with subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spicy hop aroma from Cascade”. The kit costs around £22 which works out at 55p a pint. This kit comes with 2 cans of extract, a sachet of yeast and a sachet of hops. There are two other kits in this range which are St. Peter’s Golden ale and St. Peter’s IPA. I am a fan of darker ales so i decided to try the ruby red ale first.


This kit does not need any extra sugar or malt extract. This makes this type of kit one of the easiest to make for the home brewer. The two cans were warmed in boiling water and added to a sterilised fermenter. The empty cans were filled with boiling water to dissolve the last remnants of extract in the cans, and this too was added to the fermenter. There was enough water in the cans to mix the brew adequately, so no further boiling water was added. The fermenter was then topped up to the 23litre mark to the correct temperature. The hops were then sprinkled onto the brew along with the yeast. The lid was put on the fermenter, and the fermenter put in my usual place in my “brewing cupboard”. I didn’t take a starting gravity for the brew, there was no point as the only ingredients were the kit.

The beer happily fermented over 7 days and the final gravity was around 1.014. The beer was batch primed with the correct amount of dextrose and added to my keg. I did bottle some in 4 bottles just to make a comparison of taste between the keg and bottle. The beer was left for two weeks to condition. The beer cleared quickly so i did have a few “testers” before the 4 weeks were up.

Taste and conclusion.

This beer tasted great! The taste is smooth with a great balance between maltiness and hop bitterness. Its hard to describe in words how much I enjoyed this beer. The carbonation on the beer was great. The head on the beer was like an ice cream and remained on the beer to the bottom of the glass. The beer looked more brown with a red tinge than pure red. The beer that was bottled was equally nice just a tad more carbonated. This kit is at the expensive end of the market and to be honest you can see why, it is a premium beer. I would of liked to compare this homebrew to the shop bought version, but I didn’t get chance. I would like to bet though the hombrew is very near the real thing. The only problem with this beer is that 40 pints goes very quickly, it is very quaffable. This is a kit I can recommend and one I will be making again. Easy to make- very very easy to polish off!


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