Aug 252011

Muntons smuggler’s premium ale

Well to give this kit its full title its a munton’s premium gold, smuggler’s special premium ale. The kit consists of two cans of extract which weighs in at 3.6kg and a sachet of yeast. The kit costs around £25 which works out at 62p a pint. Muntons blurb says “A light, malty beer balanced with choice aromatic and bittering hops. Muntons Premium Gold beer kits are produced from carefully selected and malted English 2-row barley, blended with hops supplied by England’s most renowned hop growers”. When this kit was bought  I had great expectations, for two reasons really. These were the fact that this kit is the most expensive I have bought, and any review you care to mention is a rave one.


This kit is another easy one to do. Empty the warm contents of the cans into the fermenter,mix with boiling water, top up with water to the correct temperature, pitch the yeast and your away. The fermentation on this baby was riotous, it started within a few hours and was off. The foam created on the brew kept expanding until it touched the fermenter lid. It stopped short of shooting out of the airlock which was a relief. The fermentation lasted five days. The brew was batch primed with light dry malt extract instead of dextrose, and syphoned into my top tap keg. After two weeks a little glass of beer was taken out of my keg, and the beer was cloudy. Two weeks further on another glass was sampled and the beer was still cloudy. The beer finally cleared the week after, so in total it took 5 weeks to clear. Not too bad I suppose, but as I have said before the hardest part of home brewing is waiting.

Taste and conclusion 

This kit does what it says on the tin , it is a premium ale. The taste is slightly bitter and malty, has a great body and is very smooth. It reminded me of some good ales you can buy off the shelf or in the pub. The carbonation and creamy head are fantastic. I will definitely be making this one again, um and again. I really was gutted when the keg was finished. Expensive, but worth it, you do get what you pay for.



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