Aug 252011

Milestone Black Pearl Irish Stout.

Milestone is a craft brewery located in Newark, Nottinghamshire in the UK. They produce and distribute fine real ales have won many prestigious awards over the years.
The milestone brewery produces real ale beer kits that are modelled on ales that are brewed at the brewery. Milestone black pearl Irish stout can be bought in bottles from the brewery or you can make it yourself. This is kit is described as “Authentic Irish Stout. Dark & Mysterious” and is made with premium malted barley and hops. This a 3kg kit which makes 40 pints of the black stuff. The kit costs around £22, which works out at 55 pence a pint. The kit is made up of two cans of extract and a sachet of ale yeast.


This kit is extremely easy to make. The two cans of extract were warmed up in pans of hot boiled water (the heat was removed after the water had boiled).  After five mins the cans were opened with a sterilised can opener and the contents were empted into a sterilised fermenter.The cans were then topped up with hot boiled water and stirred to dissolve any remaining extract. The water/extract mixture was then poured into the fermenter. The mixture was then stirred and topped up with cold water to the 40 pint mark. The temperature of the wort was 22°c. The specific gravity was measured with my hydrometer and measured 1040. The yeast was then sprinkled onto the wort and the fermenter lid with air lock was put on. The wort smelled really malty as did the whole kitchen and I was looking forward to drinking this stout.

The fermentation of this brew was vigorous and a large foamy head formed quickly and was pressed against the lid of the fermenter. The airlock had to be removed and changed twice as the brew forced its way out!. After 5 days fermentation was over and the FG was 1010. The beer was then batch primed see here and syphoned into my keg. The beer was left to carbonate and condition for four weeks.

Taste and conclusion.

The waiting was killing me but I did wait the full four weeks before tasting. When I opened the tap on the keg and poured the first pint I chuckled to myself. The beer smelled like a class Irish stout, and poured like one too, pitch black with a storm of white as the beer settled. The head was thick and creamy, the beer had good carbonation. The taste was rich and smooth with a good body. There are hints of liquorish and chocolate in the taste mixed with the an authentic Irish stout taste. The head remained all the way to the bottom and I quickly poured another one. This kit is highly recommended and I have made FOUR batches of this beer. Want some authentic black stuff? Look no further.


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