Oct 222011

Chocolate Porter

I found this recipe on askthebeerguy.com and liked the look of it. The recipe is an extract version of a show winning all grain beer made by Jon Griffin. I made the beer following the ingredients and method exactly with the only exception being i used molasses sugar instead of syrup.


1.4kg (3lbs) Light Dry malt extract £11.48 for 1.5kgs

1.4kgs(3lbs) Dark Dry malt extract £11.48 for1.5kgs

113grms (4oz) Crushed Chocolate malt £1.62 for 500grms

500grms (1lb) molasses sugar £1.00

226grms (8oz) Coca powder £1.79 for 250grms

85grms (3oz) Kent golding hops £4-20 for 100grms

1 packet Safeale 04 yeast £2.35

Irish Moss £2.35

Total £35.92 which works out at 89 pence a pint

OG  1.050

FG 1.016

ABV 5.05%


I followed the method exactly as found at the link above. First i heated up 2 gallons (10 litres) of water up to 160°f (71°c) and added the chocolate malt in a grain bag. The grains were left to steep for 30 mins. The grain bag was then removed and the brew brought back to a boil. The pot was then removed form the heat and 500grms extract (250grms of light and dark) were added with the first hop addition (1oz) and the 1lb of molasses, the brew was left to boil.  The second hop addition(1oz) was added 30 mins into the boil. With 15 mins left of the boil 1tbs of Irish moss was added to the pot. With 10 mins left the Cocoa powder was added. After an hour of boiling the final hop addition of 1oz was added and the heat turned off. The pot was then left for 10 mins.

The pot was then placed in an ice bath in the sink and left to cool. While this was cooling 2 gallons of cold water was added to a sterilised fermenter. The cooled wort was then strained into the fermenter. Further cold water was added to bring the beer up to the 23 litre mark at 70°f. The specific gravity was taken at this point. The yeast was then sprinkled onto the wort and the lid put on. The fermenter was then left in my brew cupboard at 22°c and left to ferment.

The fermentation was vigorous and lasted 5 days. The beer was then kegged and primed with 100grms of dry malt extract.

Taste and conclusion

I did expect alot from this beer and boy did it deliver. The beer was well carbonated and had a thick creamy head which remained to the bottom of the glass. The taste is a classic english porter, with a nice slightly bitter taste and malty chocolate after taste. The chocolate taste is very slight which is pleasantly suprising as i expected it to be a bit heavier. At 85 pence a pint it’s not too expensive and price wise is on parr with premium kit beers.  To be honest you can see why this beer has faired well in shows, its a very nice drop. Conclusion very nice english porter with a slight chocolate tinge- well worth the effort.

A big thanks to Jon Griffin at askthebeerguy.com


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