Mar 022012

Beer labels

I don’t usually bother putting labels on my beer bottles and just mark the cap so I know what’s in the various bottles in my brew cupboard. This christmas I decided to make some bottles of homebrew for family and friends. I also decided to sort out some professional looking labels but how? In true wizard style i decided to see what was available online for free and what I could make. There are various sites and programs available so here is a quick review of the ones I had a dabble with.

This is a great free program. You can pick the shape and design of your label and there are numerous variants. This includes designs,colours, borders and shapes. You can add the name of your brew and other details and pick the fonts.You can also upload an image or photo. I also put details on the rear label and it turned out very professional. 






This is another good free program. You can pick various designs and colours for preset labels. A nice touch on this site is that you can upload an image or photo that can be incorporated into the label.





This again is a free site that allows you to make a label and download it onto your PC then print it off. There are a few preset labels that you can change the details on. This is a very simple but effective site to make your own labels.

These are just a few sites to try and I am sure you will find a design you are happy. All these sites are free and the final label can be downloaded onto your PC. You can then print off the label and stick it onto each bottle. As I said before these labels were used on gifts to friends and family and not something i would put on every bottle every time.


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