Oct 242011

Brew Pal App 

It was only a matter of time before someone made an app for the home brewer. I can plug my electric guitar into my phone and sound like Hendrix, I can put up a shelf  straight with the spirit level and even find my car in a large car park, all with my phone, oh I nearly forgot I can even call someone! The brew pal app can help you formulate and make your own beer recipes with relative ease and without using a program on your PC, for the tidy sum of 69 pence.

The blurb reads “Brew pal provides the all-grain or extract home brewer easy access to the most used calculations and statistics in an attractive, easy-to-use package”.

Grain Bill

Enter your grain bill (including sugars and extract) by selecting from the editable grain/extract list and quickly estimate your SRM (color), original and final gravities, as well as alcohol % given your brewhouse efficiency and yeast attenuation. 

Mash and Sparge

Calculate the amount and temperature of strike and sparge water you will need to hit specific temperatures. Supports calculations for batch, infusion and decoction with mashout. Start the mash timer, and get audible and vibrating reminders of important steps.

Boil/Dry/FWH hops

Enter your hop additions by selecting from the editable hops list and quickly estimate your IBU (bitterness). Supports dry- and first-wort hopping.

Flavor/Fining additions

Enter flavorings and finings by selecting from an editable list. Supports boil and fermenter additions.

Yeast pitching rate

Given a volume and original gravity (from your grain bill or measured gravity), get the number of yeast cells to pitch, conveniently translated into liquid packs and grams of dry yeast. Pick your yeast from a predefined list.

These are just some of the features of this App. I mostly use it for checking recipes and making my own subtle changes to taste. It is a great App and is handy to use during the brew day as its on a phone. My favorite feature is the style feature, where the app compares your recipe to BJCP guidelines for standard beers. If you want to make a stout it will tell you how close you are to the standard and you can tweak your recipe to suit. Its a definite buy if your a home brewer with a smart phone.
Brew pal by David Parker is available from the apple app store.


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