This page will give you some tips on Hombrewing for the beginner.

Have you already tried to make a beer and things haven’t turned out right? Are you embarking on your first brew and don’t want to mess it up?

There are many problems you can have with your finished beer if you don’t do things as explained on the basic brewing pages. On this page there are basic tips so you avoid many of the common problems with homebrew.

If you are making beer for the first time and would like to make a lager i would recommend a kit that has an ale yeast and not a lager yeast as it is easier to control the temperature during fermentation. Examples are munton’s lager or coopers lager. These kits are 1 tin so you would have to add sugar, which i recommend should be 500gms of dextrose and 500gms light dry spray malt.



Make sure you sterilise all equipment that is going to come in contact with your brew, including bottles and rinse obsessively!!


Follow the instructions of the kit, make sure all ingredients are fresh and DO NOT use granulated sugar (sucrose), make sure you use corn sugar (dextrose).


Make sure you monitor and control temperature during fermentation, the quality of the beer is affected if there are temperature variations, for example during the night.

Use the correct amount of priming sugar when bottling, and let the beer condition for the right length of time. This is hard i know but just be patient.

Common faults.

Beer is too gassy – The primary fermentation was not completed, or too much priming sugar has been added. The brew has become infected because of poor sterilisation.

Lack of head – Too much white sugar added, too much water or detergent in glasses.

Bad taste – The beer has been infected due to poor sterilisation. The wort was exposed to air for too long before the yeast has been added or the fermented beer has been left too long in the fermenter before being bottled.

Unpleasant smell – The beer may have been infected. Be careful though if you have used lager yeast as this is normal.


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