DIY Brewery


One of the drawbacks of brewing all grain beer is the cost of the extra equipment needed over and above the kit brewing equipment, especially if you started to brew to save money. With a bit of inspiration from other brewers I managed to build my own cheap DIY Brewery.

The Boiler

Parts Needed

33 litre fermenting bucket with spigot £11         

2x cheap kettles £4.99 each

2x hot condition sockets (optional) £2.49 each

copper pipe (left over from mash tun)

Tools Needed

Hole cutter

Soldering iron

Craft knife



The boiler was made by drilling holes in the fermenter and fitting the elements out of the kettles. The copper pipe was used to make a hop filter.The boiler is cheap and quite easy to make, check out the video below for full rundown.

The Mash Tun

Parts required

Cooler box £15 (second hand)

Copper pipe (2m)

copper elbows x 4

copper “T” piece

Plastic pipe (2m)

In Line spigot

Tools needed


The mash tun was made by cutting and joining the copper pipe to make a manifold that fitted into the bottom of the cooler. The manifold has slots cut into it all the way round close together to enable the wort to be drained from the mash tun.

Testing the DIY Brewery.


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