Feb 072013

hopocalypse This beer when was originally going to be another batch of my ghost rider IPA, but when I went to the local homebrew shop they didn’t have any simcoe hops in stock. I decided to substitute the simcoe with citra and cascade and go mad with the hops, hence the name. I kept the grain bill simple by using Marris Otter and a little roasted barley to give the beer a red hue, hopefully.





OG 1.061 sg
FG 1.011 sg
6.6% ABV

48 IBU

9.9l colour

BJCP 14B American IPA


6Kg Marris Otter 99.5%

28g Roasted Barley

25g Chinook 1 hour 12.5% alpha, leaf

25g Cascade 30 mins 6% alpha, leaf

25g Citra 15 mins 11% alpha, leaf

25g Cascade 0 mins

25g Citra 0 mins

25g Citra 4 days dry hop

25g Cascade 4 days dry hop

Irish moss last 15 mins of boil

Wyeast Thames valley ale, washed and made into a  starter with DME.




Using a single infusion mash the grain was mashed with 16 litres of strike water at  76 °c which gave a mash temp of 68 °c. The grain was mashed for 90 mins and then fly sparged with 18 litres of water at 77°c. The wort was put into the boiler and a boiled for an hour adding the hops as above. The brew was cooled and then the starter was added and the beer left to ferment. After four days the two dry hop additions were added and left in the primary for a week. The beer was then transferred to the secondary and left to clear for a week. The beer was then transferred to a keg and batch primed with 180g of dextrose.

Hopocaypse IPA in the boiler


The beer when poured was nicely carbonated with a thick white head which stayed to the bottom of the pint, the red hue which I was aiming for was barley noticeable. The aroma of the hops was really nice with a great citrus tone. Taste wise it hit the spot for hopheads as it was like a hop explosion of citrusy delight. To be honest it was very similar to the Ghost rider but subtly different, it seemed less harsh and more rounded which was a suprise as the two beers are have very similar ingredients and exactly the same brewing method. Conclusion – a great beer which was surprisingly good.


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