Jan 162012

Sorcerer’s Stout (Guinness clone?)

This is my own extract recipe for a stout which I hoped would resemble my favourite which is of course Guinness.

This recipe was made using the brewpal app which can be found on the apple app store.I also added two bottles of guinness which had been soured in an open bowl for 7 days. This is supposed to give that guinness twang to the brew, if it does we shall see!

OG 1.040

FG 1.010

ABV 4.0%


1kg Light dry malt extract £6.99

1.5kg Light liquid malt extract £10.25

0.5kg crystal malt £1.75

0.25kg Roasted Barley £1.75

0.25kg Chocolate Malt £1.75

113g of Goldings Hops £4.95

2 Bottles of “soured” Guinness

1 Pkt safeale Yeast £2.10

Irish Moss


Total cost £27.79 which works out at 70 pence a pint.


1. First heat up 2 gallons of water to 68 °c and add a tablespoon of Gypsum.

2. Add all grain mixed into bag and add to pot.

3. Steep grains for 30 mins.

4. Remove grain and add 1kg of dry malt extract, bring to boil.

5. Add 56g(2oz) of hops after hot break.

6. after 30 mins 2nd hop addition of 28g (1oz) of hops.

7. At 30 mins boil the soured guinness for 15 mins in a seperate pan.

8. At 45 mins take off heat and add the liquid malt extract, the boiled soured guinness and 1 tablespoon of Irish moss.

9. At flame out (60 mins) add 28g (1oz) of hops.

10. Cool pot in ice bath.

11 Add wort to sterilised fermenter and top up with water to 23l at 20 °c, pitch yeast.

12 Ferment and bottle or keg with 100g of light spray malt.

13. The hardest bit, let the brew age for a couple of weeks.



I love Guinness or any dry stout and hoped this beer would be close. Id Read on some different forums that the secret ingredient in Guinness is an extract which is soured Guinness, so thought I would try it out.
I bottled some of the beer as christmas presents to family members and kegged the rest for my self. The results were pretty good. The stout was carbonated just right, and by using malt extract to prime it with it gave the beer a similar mouthfeel, as I couldnt use nitrogen as Guinness does.

The taste was close to Guinness, but more like the original and not the draught. It did have the twang that I was after, and it is a cracking dry stout. I did taste this beer side by side with guinness and there was a noticeable difference, but they were very similar, and dare I say it the sorcerer’s stout was better!
Conclusion – a great stout , will definitely make again.


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