Dec 072012

Recently I have been drinking Brewdog’s Punk IPA and have got a bit of a taste for it so as ever wanted to make my own version. The Brewdog website gives some information as it lists the ingredients, so I decided to give it a go. I wanted to do a SMASH (single malt single hop) beer but brewdog list four hops used which are Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Nelson sauvin. I could not get hold of Ahtanum and Nelson so decided to try a brew with Chinook and Simcoe. The grain bill lists only Marris Otter so decided to go with that and add some wheat malt that was leftover from a previous brew. Using my trusty Brewpal app I came up with this gem of a beer which is 55 IBU’s and 6.5%ABV. SG 1.060, FG 1.010.



6KG Marris Otter pale malt 96%

250g Wheat malt 4%

25g Chinook hops 60 mins

25g Simcoe hops 30 mins

25g Simcoe hops 5 mins

25g Simcoe hops 1 min

25g Simcoe hops (dry hop 4 days primary)

25g Chinook hops (dry hop 4 days primary)

Irish moss last 15 mins of boil

1 tsp Gypsum (depending on your water) to water in mash tun

Yeast starter using DME and washed Thames valley ale yeast


Using a single infusion mash the grain was mashed with 16  litres of strike water at  76 °c which gave a mash temp of   68 °c. The grain was mashed for 60 mins and then fly sparged with 18  litres of water at   77°c. The wort was put into the boiler and a boiled for an hour adding the hops as above. The brew was cooled and then the starter was added and the beer left to ferment. After four days the two dry hop additions were added and left in the primary for a week. The beer was then transferred to the secondary and left to clear for a week. The beer was then transferred to a keg and batch primed with 180g of dextrose.


The beer when poured was nicely carbonated and had a nice white head. The only thing was that it looked a little hazy, I put this down to the wheat malt and will leave it out when I next make this beer as it is all about the hops. The aroma was very hoppy with a citrus note due to the dry hopping. Taste wise it was amazing, with a strong citrus taste. It hit the mark with what I wanted to achieve, it isn’t a direct clone of Punk IPA but very similar and the keg did not last long. I originally brewed this for some light relief during christmas but now have to make some more!! Conclusion – a very nice hoppy citrus beer that is refreshing and strong, a definate will make again!


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