Feb 242012

Welcome to the wizard’s Blog

I thought it was about time to start a blog and tell you what i am up to and what we have in store for the homebrew wizard. I started this site in August after i decided to teach myself how to make a website. I decided on a homebrew site as i have been a homebrewer for a while and have made a large amount of beer, wine and cider. I learnt the art of homebrew from many different sources including the internet, you tube and trial and error. I wanted to make a site that channels alot of information for the home brewer into one place. To be honest most of my mistakes have resulted in pleasant suprises and good results, you have to really mess up to spoil a batch of beer. So i decided to make this site, as i do have a knowledge of computers but have never made a site. Using wordpress i made this site over a week or so and have been adding to it ever since.

At the moment i have around a gallon of chocolate porter left which i have really enjoyed you can find the recipe and review here. I have to finish the last eight pints to empty my keg as ive got 40 pints of guinness clone in my fermenter which should be ready in around a week. This beer is my own recipe which has a nice twist of using soured guinness in the recipe so keep an eye out for that.

I have also just bottled some youngs carbernet sauvagion which i will be writing a review for shortly, so keep an eye out for that one as well.

Going all grain

As stated above I have made numerous batches of beer, cider and wine. The method I have used has been brewing from kits and extract and steeping grains. I will shortly be going AG, taking the final step to the holy grail of beer making. I intend to publish my journey on this site, showing how to choose and make the additional equipment needed, how my first batch is made and what the resulting beer comes out like.

I will be making a plastic boiler which will be a bucket fitted with kettle elements, a mash tun from a cooler box(hopefully) and other stuff including a wort chiller. In true wizard style I will be making this equipment using the cheapest parts possible to make quaility equipment that will last for years of all grain brewing. I think i might be a bit busy over the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled for the results.


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