Aug 242011

Munton’s Connoisseurs Continental Lager.

This kit from munton’s costs slightly more at around £16 and is a 1.8kg kit. Munton’s describe this beer “This is a light amber hoppy lager modelled on the full-bodied beer available across mainland Europe. Serve chilled to appreciate its rich character.” The cost of kit and ingredients is £20.30 which works out at 50p a pint. The kit comes with its own packet of yeast which is an ale yeast and not a lager yeast so again the fermentation temperature is easier to control.

This again is an easy kit to mix and make.  The first thing i noticed when making this beer is the colour. When i added the extract i found it to be very dark and not as light as a lager should look, maybe it will lighten when the water is added, i thought to myself. I added the usual 500gms of dextrose and 500gms of light spray malt, topped up the fermenter to the usual 23 litres and the colour remained dark. When fermentation had finished it was bottled,with the bottles primed with dextrose. The beer was left to condition for 2 weeks.

Taste and conclusion. 
I opened a chilled bottle and the beer was nicely carbonated. The colour was still dark. When i say dark it looked like an ale rather than the usual straw lager colour as it shows on the tin. The taste of this beer was more of an ale taste than a lager. It reminded me somewhat of carlsberg special brew, a drink i am not a fan of.  Then i had a thought why it tasted like this. Is it that this is how it should taste, or did i do something different during the brewing process? The only thing that was changed was the steriliser, as i had run out of my usual and had bought another brand. On returning to my brew shop i enquired with the owner regarding the steriliser that was used, and he confirmed that indeed it could of been this. I am not so sure! Having only ever made one batch of this beer and wouldn’t make another, its still an unanswered question, although saying that it all got drank! Conclusion – easy to make, one i can’t recommend.


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