Sep 112011

Coopers sparking ale

Cooper’s sparkling ale is part of the premium selection from cooper’s, which is designed for the home brewer who wants to do more than add white sugar.  I made this beer quite by accident, the local brew shop didn’t have the kit I was after, so decided to make this. The cooper’s blurb reads “Thomas Cooper’s Premium Selection Sparkling Ale – The big brother of Coopers Original Pale Ale, displays fruity esters on the nose, full malty palate with a generously hopped clean finish”. The kit costs around £14, but there are a few extra ingredients needed. First you need 1.5kg of light liquid malt extract which is around £13, as well as 500grms of light dry malt extract at £4 and 300grms of dextrose which is around £2 a kilo. The total is £33 for all the ingredients which works out at 82p a pint.


The kit is easy to mix and all you do is as in the basic brewing pages and bung it all in the fermenter,mix with boiling water, clean out the cans with boiling water and top up with water to the right temperature, then pitch the yeast.The beer takes around 7 days to ferment. This beer is better bottled, so you can use your left over dextrose to prime the bottles. The beer was then left for two weeks to age and carbonate.

Taste and conclusion

The beer cleared quickly and when I opened the first bottle it was sparkling. The taste was more malty than hoppy and to be honest was a little watery. I decided to leave this beer for longer to age and see if the taste improved. A couple of weeks later the taste had improved, but was still more of a malty flavour. I was a little disappointed with the results of this brew as it is quite expensive with all the required ingredients. I did find this a drinkable beer, and quite strong but was below my expectations. This beer would definitely be improved with a hop addition to overcome the malty taste. I dare say that some people would love this beer as people prefer different beers to others, but for the price i prefer other brews. Conclusion- easy to make and drink, but below MY expectation.



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