Aug 242011

Coopers Mexican Cerveza.

This is the first kit i ever made and started me on a long road of homebrewing. This kit is a good place to start for a first brew.

The kit is 1.7kg of malt extract and costs around £12, it comes with instructions and a packet of yeast, which is an ale yeast , so the ferment temperature is easier to control.

The coopers blurb reads “Mexico is known for its arid lands, dusty conditions and oppressive heat. So it is not surprising that the people of Mexico are expert at quenching a thirst. Coopers Mexican Cerveza (beer) emulates the style of the finest quality beers exported from Mexico. This premium beer is light in style with a fresh clean taste, ideally served ice-cold with a wedge of lime or lemon”.


This brew is easy to make. The ingredients required for this beer are 500gms dextrose and 500grms light dry spray malt extract.

The dextrose will cost you around £1.50 for a Kg  and £3.80 for the dry malt extract. Total cost of brew is £17.30 for 40 pints which works out at around 43p a pint!!

The kit is easy to mix and all you do is as in the basic brewing pages and bung it all in the fermenter,mix with boiling water and top up with water to the right temperature, then pitch the yeast.The beer takes around 5 days to ferment. This beer is better bottled, so you can use your left over dextrose to prime the bottles. The beer when bottled does not smell like mexican cerveza, such as corona, but this did change. The beer should be left to condition in the bottles for around 2 weeks, but you can “test” a few after a week to see how they are doing. For best results leave as long as you can in the bottle.

Taste and conclusion.

The finished beer is well carbonated and is very like the usual mexican cerveza, such as sol or corona. This beer though is a little different tasting and can be enjoyed by any beer drinker, especially when its chilled on a sunny day. I can recommend this beer as i have made a number of batches and have never been disappointed. The only problem you might have is getting hold of it, as when i was in my local brew shop last week there was no stock and the owner was having trouble getting hold of any, Bugger! Conclusion- easy to make and easier to drink!


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  One Response to “Coopers Mexican Cerveza”

    I have just bottled another batch of this lager as my homebrew shop now has this kit in stock 🙂

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